Jerboa Carving Tools

Mark-II (MKII-CC) Compound Curve Hook

Our 2nd generation hooks, and arguably some of the finest carving tools you will ever own. These hooks have a deep compound curve, and a fullered (hollow) geometry. They are the perfect choice for both heavy removal of material as well as finishing cuts, their distinct curve is specially designed to accommodate the transition between the bottom portion and the wall portion of bigger spoons ladles, scoops, and kuksa. These tools are hand forged in DF2/O1 high carbon tool steel, and come razor sharp, polished and ready to carve right out of the box. The hooks are protected by a wooden box cover matching the handles. The handles and box covers are made of hardwood, and designed to provide a second-to-none grip. Both handles and box covers are treated with our special mix of beeswax, linseed oil, and birch tar. This treatment insures their longevity and endows them with a deep sheen as well as a very distinctive and appealing odor.


Mark-II (MKII-CC) Compound Curve Hook



*actual products that will be sent to you may display some differences to the items shown in the images.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Total Length

~270 mm

Handle Length

~210 mm

Arch Length

~60 mm

Arch Depth

~30 mm

Blade Width

~15 mm

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