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500g Carving Axe, Long Handle

~500gr purpose modified carving axe. We source good quality drop forged splitting axes and turn them into top quality carving tools. The axes start their journey as good quality generic specimens. We put these axes back into the fire and re-forge them to shape, we then proceed to heat treat and temper them. The axe heads are then re-ground and polished.  The result is a high-quality carving axe-heads. We mount these axe heads on to a custom handmade handle, to provide the best balance and grip. The handles are all made of hardwood treated with our special mix of beeswax, linseed oil, and birch tar. This treatment insures their longevity and endows them with a deep sheen as well as a very distinctive odor. This axe will arrive sharp, polished and ready to go. The axe arrives with a 100% genuine hand stitched leather blade cover especially designed to prevent any contact between the blade of your axe and its metal fittings. This is done by adding a special feature to the inner flap of the blade cover – a patch of goat skin especially stitched to cover the metal fitting.

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500g Carving Axe, Long Handle


6 in stock

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Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Blade Material

Carbon Steel

Blade Orientation


Total Weight


Axe Head Weight


Handle Length


Blade Fan Arch Length


Axe head length along central axis (percussion surface to edge)


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