Jerboa Carving Tools

TC Blades, the makers of “Jerboa” green-wood carving tools is a small, family owned, custom knife making forge. We are designers and makers of fine custom made cutting tools. Based in the Southern Negev Region of Israel we provide formidable hand made Japanese & Western style kitchen cutlery, as well as green wood carving tools, hunting and fishing knives, and more. All of our products are hand made of the finest local and imported materials. All of our products are carefully hand crafted by Tslil & Inesse Censor, using the most basic and traditional methods.
Each piece is made entirely by their own hands. When you buy a TC Blades custom hand made ware, you own a functional object that will serve you a lifetime. This is because TC Blades are all hand made wares, crafted by master blade smiths in the finest materials and traditions. The tools are not mass produced, but rather handmade in limited quantity.
Each and every one of our hand made custom tools receives our undivided attention. This includes all of the functional elements of a blade, but also includes the artistic features and embellishments . We always welcome your comments and questions, and would love to hear from you. contact us at

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